Signal One MilSpec1030CI
S/N 0691538

Bill McClatchey, KK4C, is the original owner of this rare Signal/One. 
He send pictures of the radio and other related material.
I am adding the email he sent to this page.  It is a very interesting read. 
Seems like not all IC781/1030CI stories ended in disaster.

I purchased a new Icom IC-781 in either 1989 or 1990.  It was an outstanding radio as many others have reported.  In the mid 90s, I read several reviews of Don Roehrs 781 mods, and after several conversations with Don, I paid the rather high price for the mods to take the Ic-781 => Signal/One 1030C (i?). I received the radio back in Nov of 1998 (see attached letter from Don).

Although I have read many of the nightmare stories of others trying to deal with Don, I never had a problem.  The radio returned in about 12 weeks, as promised, and is the finest transceiver I have ever operated.  I have used it as my primary transceiver ever since, through several moves, and with great pleasure.  Like many in the hobby, I have gone through periods of activity punctuated by many months or years of inactivity.

I still have and use the radio, and it is in working order with no marks.  It is a one owner Signal/One 1030C(i?).  I would like to get the radio registered in your database.  The front plate describes it as a Signal/One 1030C, but the s/n on the rear panel says it is a 1030CI.  It does have the data mods to receive RTTY, so I believe it to be a 1030CI.

I have enclosed pictures of the radio, the serial # plate on the rear, and the manuals and communications from Don.  In addition to registering the radio in your database, I would be interested if you know of anyone capable of servicing the radio.  It appears to be working fine, but I am certain it could stand alignment after nearly 20 years of use.

I would be grateful for any clarification you might provide on the radio, a possible name of a qualified and trustworthy individual to align and service the radio, and any other thoughts.  I was rather surprised to find your Signal/One web site.  I have simply been using the radio without much communication with other owners all these years, and never thought to determine how many are out there and additional information which might be available.

I have attached the germane images, and hope to hear from you.



William M. McClatchey, MD


And now after 21 years Bill has sold this radio.  Bob Dietz, W2RWD, is the new owner.  Bill recently had the radio serviced by an Icom technician in Atlanta and the radio is working perfectly.


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