Signal/One CX7B
S/N 01748

This is one of the later Florida rig.  It arrived June 6, 2008.  It is from the
estate of Earle Scott, W6OAU (SK).  It is one of six CX7s I purchased from WB6VHK who was helping with the estate.  This radio has the LED Keyer/Counter Board.  Not sure how many of the "B" Mods were made but Darrell says there are several.  No case came with the radio but I got a parts set from W0YVA and it has a case that I will use.  The parts rig is beyond repair so I don't have a problem completing this radio with the spare parts.  The rear right corner of the chassis is bent, making it difficult to install in the case.  The case is also badly scratched and will need to be refinished.  I have the radio running but it has several problems.  I'm sure it will be quite a while before I have time to finish this restoration
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