Signal/One CX7A
S/N 077229392

Here is a CX7A from Gardena, California.  This radio is from the
estate of Earle Scott, W6OAU (SK). 
It is one of six CX7s I purchased from WB6VHK who was helping with the estate.

Well it is now 7 plus years later and I finally opened this radio.  It powered up and RX/TX worked but no Nixie display.
Board was covered in some kind of oxidation.  One trace was opened and many IC sockets had issues. 
Repaired and now working.  The A PTO was frozen solid.  Someone had used some really poor quality lube in the past.
Cleaned and used high quality lubricant. 
This radio has an original A Power Supply Board that is in remarkable condition.
Excellent receiver and good output except rather low on 10 meters.  Will save that for later.

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