Signal/One CX7A
S/N 01962

Another Florida box.  This radio is from the
estate of Earle Scott, W6OAU (SK). 
It is one of six CX7s I purchased from WB6VHK who was helping with the estate. 
It was the most complete rig of all so I started repairs.  +34 volts was out and it was locked in tx.  Replacing a number of transistors solved these two issues.  I installed a tube and the radio made power.  There have been very few mods made to this radio and the AGC pops badly.  I will make all the AGC mods when I have the time to do it.
Now it's 2015 and I made some of the AGC mods but S meter reading is still high.  On one power up a cap in the PS failed and took out a resistor

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