Signal/One CX7A
S/N 00156

This Signal/One is an early Florida box.  It originally belonged to
K9QDN. It was ordered as a pre-production purchase and received after production shipments began.  He used it lightly until 1975 when he passed away.  As with so many of the original Signal/Ones this radio arrived in non-working condition.  After several aborted attempts it was finally repaired.  I have all the original correspondence and will scan it and post it here as a pdf file when I get a chance.  I acquired this radio from his son, N6CT, October 4, 2006.  Only known problems are a blown driver transistor and bad detent stop on the bandswitch.  By November 8 both problems have been fixed and the radio is in excellent working and cosmetic condition.  This is one of the most "original" CX7s I have seen.  All modules are original and there are very few mods.  I did make the TR switching voltage mod to the RF Board but that is all I am going to do to this radio.
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