WA8CDU CX7A Restoration

At some time in the past someone tried to install a new power supply board.  This modification was based on the W2PV mods.  I do not believe W2PV actually did this.  This ham (now SK) was a great DXer and a good technician and would never have done such a piss-poor job.  Why this was attempted I have no idea.  Bill sent both of this CX7s down for repair.  The first one was mostly damage to the front panel and some minor repair.  I did have to use the meter from this radio to get it going since the original meter was long gone.  I'd like to thank Bob Zaepfel for sending a meter bezel for this restoration. 

This restoration required a total rebuild of the harness in the power supply area.  Since the board that was installed was no where close to an original board I found an original board in my parts and used it.  This board was missing many parts and some traces but it was a perfect candidate for the IC mods which remove most of the pass regulator parts anyway.

Update February 1, 2009.  I received a parts rig from Bob, W0YVA.  A number of parts are missing and the wiring harness is chopped up so this radio can never be restored.  It had an LM380 module in it so I used that to get the audio going in this radio.  Now that I can hear everything I can proceed to complete the receiver.  One thing for sure is the BFO Board is way off frequency.

Here are some before, during and after pictures.  The radio is now running with a few problems yet to solve.  One thing I must do is build a new audio output module using an LM380 since the original parts on the power supply board are gone.  It's 2012 and after a long delay I'm back at this radio and hope to have it finished shortly.  Issues remaining are low receive volume and low TX power output.  But getting close.
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Update May 30, 2016.  Finally the radio is complete.  Apparently, when they tried to turn on the radio with the new supply all hell broke loose.  I can not even remember all the parts that had to be replace.  I started to keep a list but it just got away from me.  Finally was able to complete the repairs.  Did a complete alignment and then decided to look at the final issue - the Keyer/Counter Board.  And the Keyer/Counter Board was a mess.  Only one nixie worked properly.  Finally got down to two digits not working on the right nixie.  While trying to check some voltages I managed to short 300v to an IC trace and, well you can guess what happened.  About a week to get it going.  But the radio in now back home.  When it arrived, Bill had an intermittent issue with one digit on one nixie tube.  I had been chasing that and thought it was finally fixed.  But the trip home shook it up a bit and it reappeared.  Bill repaired a trace and now the radio is back on the air. 
Finally I would like to issue an apology to Bill for taking so damn long getting this rig going.  It was a mess and life got in the way many times. HI  But it is back home after 9 years.  I'm sure there were times when Bill thought he would never see his radio again. 
Here are some pictures of the finished radio.

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