I received this very interesting email from Tony Seaton January 18, 2011.  More great history about Signal Ones especially the CX-11 stories..


To introduce myself I am James A. " TONY " Seaton W4SX ex W4KQL  ex K4ZXX and have been licensed since 1958. I have been inactive for a number of years but have always been a builder/collector rather than an operator.

I presently own quite a bit of Collins and other vintage equipment, but of interest here is the Signal One equipment. I have owned Signal One since the very early 70's and presently own:

CX-7A  S/N 00253.
 This radio has the Jim Lawson  W2PV mods made by Jim himself. I have original, Thomas, and Lawson modified manuals for this radio. I have the original speaker with this radio.

CX-11 Series II  S/N 9287740.
This radio was purchased/owned by the late Zach Reynolds W4TXL of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco fame. Zach received this radio from S1 May 25 1977. Zach had originally owned a CX-7 and had put a deposit on the original CX-11 in 1975
but of course, never received it and after being prodded by Don Roehrs and Don Payne, bought the CX-11 series II, this of course was only a couple of years before Zach's death. I also have all of the original correspondence between Zach, Don Payne and Don Roehrs from 1975 including a letter from Roehrs soliciting investment capital from Zach for the original CX-11. Zach was, as you would expect a heavy smoker, and when I bought the radio the tobacco smell was quite obvious. I have no idea how much money Don Payne made from his distribution of Signal One, but I can assure you, from the correspondence, that he worked for every nickel. There was never a manual for the CX-11 or series ii but I do have some schematics and operating instructions that give some differences from the CX-7 series. I also have the original shipping boxes with this radio.

CX11A  S/N 12690811  This radio was modded to receive some of the NASA transmissions and has a mini-toggle switch added to the front panel. This radio was modded by Paul Kollar on 6/18/90 and again on 6/8/92 with the typical detail that Paul provided. I have a couple of manuals for the radio including the one with Paul's mods.  I have the original CX-11 speaker with the radio.

 I have a complete set of the original S/1 News and a lot of correspondence from Paul and Harry and a lot of advertising literature for all of the Signal One radios up to the ICOM. Most of this seems to now be available on the various web sites.

Thanks 73's

Tony  W4SX

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