Signal One MilSpec1030CI

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This rare Signal/One recently surfaced in an estate.  Luckily I was immediately contacted by K4WH and I bought it. 
The radio is in excellent condition but does have one issue.  The monitor is an out of focus mustard color.
Considering the rarity of this radio this is a small issue that I can certainly repair.
The radio arrived February 15, 2019.  It is in absolutely perfect condition.
The original SM-20 Icom mic and the very rare original 3.5in mini-floppy disks containing the Signal/One software are included.

As stated below, the radio is now fully functional.  I have had this radio's predecessor for many years but it is really
just an IC-781 with numerous modifications.  This radio however is truly a work of art.  No other way to describe it.
The front panel is, well, elegant.  Each of these radios is a hand crafted masterpiece.
The precision of the custom machine work is nothing short of amazing.

This is the finest radio I have every seen.




I found a monitor on ebay and bought it.  After it arrived I was able to compare voltages and resistances between it and the defective monitor.
I found two bad capacitors and one bad transistor.  The monitor now works so I have a spare as well as a spare CRT I got many years ago.


While I was working on the monitor the radio stopped receiving.  I determined that +5v was very low.  Getting to the power supply is a bitch. 
After I got the power supply opened I found two 22 ohm resistors in parallel in the input to the 5v regulator were bad. 
One was open and the other was about 2800 ohms.
I replaced them and the radio operates normally.  I replace the lithium batteries.
There was an issue on the Logic B board that I corrected.


Having resolved all problems, on March 03, 2019 I put all the covers back in place. 

And of course after every major repair there is ALWAYS one screw that you could not find where it when.
And this is no exception.  I'll be damned if I ever found where this tiny screw went. HI


After installing this 1030CI on one of the desks in my shack I decided I would try to get the Signal/One control software operational.
The software was designed for earlier 32 bit Windows OS.  No matter what I did I could not get it to function on my Win7 system. 
I dug out an old Dell 1200 laptop (glad I didn't throw it away) with WinXP OS on it.  After a bit of configuration the software loaded and
the VFO A frequency appear in the program window.   The program is also able to control the various functions on the radio.
I have not experimented any further or tried to get the TNC operational.  That will come later.  Here are a few images of the program screens.


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