Signal/One CX7B
Franklin Lakes, NJ Rig
S/N 42575

On February 7, 2018 I drove from Corpus Christi to Las Cruces, NM to the Home of Mark Mandelkern, K5AM, to pick up this rare CX7B.
I figured this would most likely be my only chance to get a NJ CX7B so I bought it.  Even thought it is HIGHLY modified.
There is no question the mods are excellently done including the precision drilling of the from panel.
BUT being a purest I find the mods totally wrong.  One thing I simply can not abide is the added C14 electrical jack.  UGHHH!
While it won't happen any time soon, my intent is to totally disassemble this rig and move it to a new chassis and front panel.
This will be a major task as I must deal with removing the mods and restoring original functionality at the same time.
Last thing I want to do is create problems with this rare radio.
I have a NOS chassis and front panel.  As this panel is printed "CX7" not "CX7B" I do not have a problem swapping it out.
Don used existing chassis and panels for these last CX7s.  The boards are new with Berg connectors and pins on all transistors.
The Keyer/Counter Board is one of the last runs.  The Power Supply Board is a true "B Board".

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