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I got this radio from K7AAE - Bob Swaine June14, 2017.The information below was provided to me by Bob.
The radio is a very clean California CX7A/B (except for the mangled PS board) with the led counter installed. The extra board laying over the IFboard is someone's attempt to add a new audio board - the board looks to have come out of a Motorola amplified convert-a-com speaker. The PS mods are pretty bad, as you can see from the pictures. The radio basically works(not well), so this is my next candidate for restoration.I am going to change out the PS board to an S-1 "B" board that I am building up from an empty board, and will clean up and replace the chassis mounted regulators.I am also going to replace the chassis mount caps with a set of caps that I had Hayseed Hamfest build up for me.  The new caps are upgraded 105 degree caps (also slightly higher capacitance for better regulation)that have the same wafer mounts as the originals, so they look more closely like stock caps. Also I do not have to drill any new holes for mounting.The custom caps are not cheap - well only slightly more expensive than using computer grade caps, but should look great in the radio. Hayseed Hamfest is going to make them part of their regular part numbers, should any one else want a set. I will send you a set of the "after" photos when I am finished.On another topic, I mounted the Micrel MIC29300 3 amp 5 volt regulator in place of the 7805 1 amp stock regulator in the CX11 - the 5 volt bus is nowrock solid, and does not move around as before. I am going to make the same change in my other CX-11A's, as they exhibit the same type of behaviour withthe 5 volt bus. The MIC29300 should also work well in the CX7 radios with the led counter, where the current draw is higher. 

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