Signal/One CX7A
S/N 00990

I got this radio from K7AAE - Bob Swaine, June 14, 2017.  The information below is from Bob about when he bought the rig.

Well, I just can't seem to help myself! I picked up the CX7 that was mentioned on the reflector, that Dale, WT4T was trying to sell for a ham widow.

I was not trying to buy it, but, only gave him some information on the CX7 that he could use in trying to move it at an upcoming ham fest I. I gave him a low, but fair figure (considering that it does not transmit) that he could use to sell up from at the ham fest.  He emailed me back the next day and said that my figure was more than the widow thought that she could get for an old brown radio, and she said to tell me that I could have it for my price. 

The serial number is 00990, and appears to be in pretty good condition, without the tell tale marks of a radio mangler having worked on it. The radio looks to have a Cunningham B power supply board, so some updating has been done to it. 

The pictures of #00990 below were sent to me By Dale, WT4T



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